How to help Ukraine: 5+ safe ways to send money to Ukraine

Like many of you, our thoughts and hearts are with the people of Ukraine. At Givebutter, our mission is to empower the changemaker in all of us. This means we have the privilege of seeing changemakers from around the world come together in the name of humanity and peace.

We wish to share some of these stories of hope, resilience, and community with you. One such story hits close to home for us, with one of our team members’ parents taking care of children at a hospital in Ukraine.

Whether you feel compelled to share, advocate, fundraise, send money, or simply educate yourself, know that you are making a difference. Thank you, changemakers, for making a better world for all. 💛

Image of the Mr. Givebutter mascot with Ukrainian flag colored heart
Here are just a few ways you can be a changemaker and help the people in Ukraine right now:

How to avoid fundraising scams when donating to support Ukraine

To make sure your donation is actually going toward supporting Ukraine and not into the pocket of a scammer, keep an eye out for these four things:

Trusted organizations
Verified fundraisers
Privacy protection
Secure payment processing

When you donate to a Givebutter campaign, you can rest easy knowing your donation is always secure. 💪

Givebutter utilizes the world’s very best payment encryption technology and security

Payments are processed securely through our PCI-compliant payments partner Stripe. This is where the funds are securely held until they are ready to be withdrawn via bank account transfer. Givebutter does not touch donors’ credit card information, and we take every measure to protect users' personal information on our site.

Givebutter campaigns are regularly reviewed with intense scrutiny. Our review process protects visitors from fraud, hate, discrimination, and other items that violate our terms of service and privacy policy.

Please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected] if you believe someone is abusing our website.

Givebutter Verified Fundraisers to help Ukraine

Donate to one of the verified fundraisers below to support those affected by the war in Ukraine.

The heartbreaking events happening in Ukraine are inviting all of us to show our humanity and generosity. Giving is such a deeply personal and important decision—and every act is important. I love the way these Givebutter campaigns ensure that money is getting into the hands of those who need it most, while providing different options for donors to focus their dollars on the issues most important to them. - Mallory Erickson, Givebutter Expert